Jerez Enterprises has extensive experience in completing Tenders for Construction Projects. Our team has completed countless projects for numerous industries over the last 17 years and our hands-on experience means we have the technical know-how and experience that you need for successful tendering. We have worked in our local areas of Wollongong and Illawarra as well as Sydney and all though NSW and ACT.

What is Tendering?

Projects about to take off require some form of procurement process. There are a variety of different methods for procurement. Project tendering is one of them. In this, bids are invited from interested contractors to carry out specific packages of construction work. It is a common method to obtain construction services and is advantageous to the profitability of the project. The tendering process is important to a project because a fair price and the best value for completing the project is gained.

What We Do:

Our team at Jerez Enterprises are a passionate bunch, and we have the one of the best tendering service in the locality and across Wollongong and Sydney. We adopt and observe the key values of equality, simplicity, integrity, and accountability and always give you briefs on any risks involved. Our industry contacts also mean we can find you the best procurements and get highly trained and skilled personnel for your construction. Our team can also draw out contracts and documents with the latest and most relevant laws, and negotiate for you, all to your advantage.

At Jerez Enterprises, we offer a range of Tendering services:
  • Procurement Advice
  • Contract writing
  • Completion of Tender documentation
  • Calling of Tenders to Australian Standards
  • Tender Review and Assessment
  • Contract negotiations
  • Issuing completed contracts and Tender Awards
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