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Established in 2003,Jerez Enterprises is a Project Management company that deals with Government organisations and large commercial companies. Over the years, our track has remained impeccable. With clients beyond satisfied and winning results, we have time and time again delivered cost effective and high-quality projects.



The best way to strive for no variations on a project is to spend the time Up front understanding the project desired outcome and engaging the Contractor to a reduced design responsibility from Construction Certificate including all fees to a defined Practical completion milestone. This can be achieved by including in the tender with the following items for a green field site; Design and Construct contract like AS4902 where the definition of Practical Completion includes approved As built documentation and Occupation Certificate.

DA approved certificate including all drawings obtained by a Third party, A Geotechnical report, Service connection details Detailed Principal requirements brief.

This provides and defined start to end milestone with no third party involvement not contracted to the Builder and off course the Client can’t make any changes.

Yes, this is very common in Fitout situations due to the long lead time of some furniture items. The contract needs to reference the “Landing of items” in the Scope of works. The “Landing of items” needs to be defined as

  • Contact supplier and arrange delivery
  • Ensure furniture doesn’t hold up Practical completion.
  • Organised to receive delivery and include transportation to site.
  • Allow to complete quality and quantity inspections
  • Allow to remove all rubbish.

In theory YES but it is an unlikely scenario. MS Project has an option for multi critical paths to be set up which allows for the contractor to have multiple options for delay claims. The scenario that generally occurs is that one line of critical path has lag before its next task which in theory contradicts the Critical path definition.

Yes, Under the guise of quality control you can seek out Sub-contractors of Sub-consultants that you are happy too use or have completed similar works previously. A tender is conducted following all probity actions and the tender is assessed. The recommended and unsuccessful tender documentation is then given to the Contractor under a Contract instruction. Example below The Client has conducted a Tender on behalf of the Contractor for the Trade/Consultant … . The Client recommends … for the Tender Sum ….,. You are hereby instructed to engage to complete the works under PC Sum …Please note that the Contractor is free to engage the unsuccessful Tenderer, but the client will provide monies for the amount of the recommended Contractor.

Please find attached Tender Documentation from the recommended and other tenderers.

This is a good way to complete a Scope that is not defined at time of Tender, generally for a specialised set of works. As you can only provide a Contract Instruction when you have a Contact in place. You must first complete a Tender for the Head Contractor and have this item/s as a PC Sum with an estimate of the final sum and a notification of your intention. As this is a PC Sum you may want to limit any additional margin on this trade/s by changes in the contract seeing you are doing all the work to engage the contractor..

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